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CIVIL LIVING = Core Skills of Civility Ethics learned and practiced at home, in the workplace and throughout our communities.​

The essence of Civil Living is being mindful of others first. Having an active interest in the well-being of others. Civil Living is a positive and uplifting energy to practice throughout our neighborhoods, workplace and communities. Simply put the key is making a priority to and for the betterment of others.

Our Common Goal: Identify, support and implement a healthy social exchange of communication civility ethics within any environment.

The BIG QUESTION? We all wonder about from time to time: Where is civility in our world today? Is it a thing of the past? Can it ever come back? Why should it even matter anyway? How can we revive civility and make it part of who we are? Can one person really make a difference? How do we engage with the uncivil? Is there really a difference between civility, courtesy, manners and social etiquette?
As we practice the invaluable core principle of Civil Living we will realize that a lapse in civility can be anything but trivial.

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